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Sol’s footlight fancy takes Harry off the beaten track

The World Cup has canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland gone and the hole it has left is almost as big as Danny Williams’ best mens canada goose jacket shorts. It is canada goose coat — hybridge lite a vacuum that sucks in regret as a blue whale does krill, as Ronaldo does carbohydrates.

If only Sven-Goran Eriksson had taken more strikers. If only Frank Lampard had struck form or, indeed, anything else canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupons he was aiming for. If only ZinAi??dine Zidane had stuck the head on those two pillocks from the Budweiser commercials instead of Marco Materazzi.

If only the BBC had had egypt online drugs store , sildenafil mгјвўs barato. the courage to balance its film of Ian Wright talking about modern art by allowing Matthew can you wash a canada goose jacket in the washer Collings to take his place for England v Portugal and dazzle us all by deconstructing the inherent paradoxes of a tournament that celebrates individual dynamism by embalming it in richly fetishised inanimate consumer multiples.

It is too late now. The wags have barked, the big-screen caravan has moved on and all we are left with is ifs, buts, maybes and a wall chart westopped filling in halfway through the quarter-finals. Real football has entered its summer torpor.

The rapping, branding and lashing of the regular season is only a few weeks away and, with the berlin film festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship amid aggressive tabloid verbs out on the Costa Brava looking for an alcoholfuelled love romp or saucy sex session, we are forced to draw our entertainment from their more sedate brethren — monitoring, backing and tracking.

In football backing is generally something a manager awards a current player because he has no money to buy anyone better. Monitoring is what clubs do when they want to let a player know they are interested in buying him but cannot tell him directly because that would contravene regulations about tapping up. And that would never do.

Tracking is basically a type of pro-active monitoring. There is a fine line between tracking and stalking, as Suzi Perry’s lawyers pointed out to me rather forcefully during the last Olympics, but most clubs tend to stand on the edge of it, bouncing up and down on the balls of buy a canada goose jacket online their feet. The man doing most of the tracking at the moment is that wiliest of football’s wild frontiersmen, Harry Redknapp.

The Pompey boss is tracking Sol Campbell and the former Arsenal centre-back is no easy man to follow. He is an enigma, as impossible to unravel as Owen Hargreaves’ accent.

Campbell is determined on a career in Hollywood. He is one of the few people you are everlikely to meet at a party who would respond to the question «What do you do?» by replying, «Well, at the moment I’m working as a footballer but that’s just, y’know best canada goose sale, a temporary thing. I’m really an actor.»

Just how Harry is tracking the defender has not been revealed. Some believe he attached one of those bugging devices to Sol’s underside while the big fella was distracted by the chorus of cuckoo clocks in Baden-Baden authentic canada goose jacket sale and is simply sitting back in his Fratton Park office and following Campbell’s movements via the winking lights on a massive wall-map of the world.

I don’t believe that for a second. Harry is too old-fashioned for anything like it. I believe he will be tracking Campbell using the skills he learned as a youngster at canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland Upton Park under the tutelage of Ron «Hawkeye» Greenwood. Greenwood was very much the Daniel Boone of football tracking. So finely tuned were his observational faculties it was said he could tell if a player was suffering from a hamstring injury or a dodgy groin by studying his stud prints in the turf.

The West Ham boss, so legend tells, could follow the traces of an out-of-contract striker with vision and a decent best mens canada goose jacket touch across Alaska at night in a snowstorm — which, in fact, was how he eventually got Bryan «Pop» Robson, the balding Geordie maestro, cornered and forced to sign on the upper slopes of Mount McKinley after a threeweek pursuit across the icy tundra.

Redknapp was Greenwood’s most promising pupil. Like all great trackers Harry will have made a detailed study of the habits of his prey. He will know Big Sol has made a break for freedom once before, fleeing London and heading for the wide-open spaces of Belgium.

If I’m correct, Harry will be out in the Ardennes as you read this, checking for tell-tale signs that an experienced Premiership professional has passed by (broken twigs, flip-flop prints, copious amounts of spit and discarded Harvey Nichols bags).

Once on Campbell’s trail he will be as unshakable from it as John Motson is from the belief that all Italians work in the catering industry. He will follow Campbell o’er hill and dale, through streams and shopping malls and slightly too showy nightclubs, until he chances across some of the centre-half’s droppings early one morning and upon touching them murmurs, «Mmm, it’s still warm. He must be close by.»

And Harry’s sinews will stiffen and his nostrils quiver as he prepares to make a shock swoop.

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