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A quite lenient punishment


Sir Alex Ferguson, it 0 celine bag barney’s beanery has long been established, is as wily as they come. Substitute Lord Ferg for Wile E Coyote in the Looney Tunes series and you’d have a series of very brief, very bloody cartoons, each one ending with the Manchester United manager sitting happily on the edge of a ravine nurdling bits of Roadrunner from between his teeth with an oversized Acme toothpick.

So it $1800 celine brown trench 3 should come as a surprise up there with bears being catholic and popes pooping in the woods that Ferguson today managed to raise the idea of John Terry, yesterday found guilty of using racist language towards Anton Ferdinand in Chelsea’s game at QPR last October, getting off lightly with a four-game ban without ever saying that Terry had got off lightly with a four-game ban.

«There is a danger of it resurrecting itself because it has been going on so long,» Ferguson opined. «But the fact he got a four-game ban, he may consider that is quite lenient considering Luis SuA?rez got eight. It is time to move on and so should the game.»

They are carefully chosen words, suggesting not that Ferguson $1450 bnib celine off feels the ban is lenient, or even that Terry should consider it lenient, but that the Chelsea man may end up feeling it lenient. In $810 celine paris flat sandal zipper front optic white leather slingback 36 doing so 0 celine 173823ska 18cc to grams it raises the idea of Terry having got off lightly but in a way in which Ferguson keeps that suggestion at arm’s length. Lenient or not ai??i?? and, let’s be clear, in the real, non-footballing world such a verdict might well see a worker dismissed rather than handed a couple of weeks off ai??i?? Terry is awaiting the FA’s full 0 celine bag 30 cm equals 0 celine 173823ska 18cc may craft how many inches written judgement before deciding whether to appeal.


«Lady, I like your question» — Sepp Blatter Sepp Blatters his way through the latest Fifa press conference


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«Young lad, 12 years-old, weekly pocket money A?5, makes an ill-advised, immature, comment to the ref that he’s a ‘cheat’. He got banned for six games (reduced on appeal to three games), fined A?35 with A?20 costs. With all things being relative to JT’s punishment, good job he didn’t embellish his opinion with JT’s choice language!» — Rob Smith.

«The newly unveiled statue in Paris of Zinedine Zidane’s slight indiscretion at the 2006 World Cup could set a precedent for others to follow. Heading the  short list would surely have to Vinnie Jones’ ‘Gazza please cough’ incident of 1988. A bronze depiction of the  famous jewel-basket hold could soon grace a park in Wimbl… er, Milton Keynes?» — Rod de Lisle.

«The answer to Harry Redknapp’s question to Paul Jewell about the nicest place to live in Ipswich (yesterday’s Fiver) ai??i?? Norwich» — Dave Warren.

Send your letters to the.boss@theguardian.com. And if you’ve nothing better to do you can also tweet the $4100 celine black leather python edge satchel gold zip top $950 new celine us 11 eu 41 black leather platform wedges ankle sandals shoes bx bag women& $890 celine python and leather loafers shoes Fiver.


Liverpool’s Luis SuA?rez has gritted his teeth extra hard and said that he phenergan without a prescription, anafranil price. accepts the refereeing decisions that have not gone his way when he is falling over in the box trying to con the ref.

Former Chinese Super League star striker HernA?n Barcos (aka the Pirate) has made it into the Argentina squad ahead of Carlos Tevez. So too has Sergio AgA?ero which should please Roberto Mancini no end.

Barcelona have invited three Palestinians to the Camp Nou ClA?sico next month. Hamas had called for a media boycott because the Catalan club gave a complimentary ticket to an Israeli soldier.


Sunderland are better off without Lee Cattermole and Liverpool need to improve on their poor form so far, reckon James Riach and Sachin Nakrani in 10 things we’re looking forward to this weekend.

Ultra-violent Manchester United fans rampaging through east London, mounted bobbies leading a 100-strong baton charge against Nasty Leeds fans and dodgy scorelines in Tottenham games all feature in Scott Murray’s Joy of Six on big clubs slumming it in the lower leagues.

England need another John Terry celine replica nano luggage bag, reckons David Lacey, but not that kind of Terry. A different Terry. So not really Terry at all then, just a decent half centre-back who can cope with attackers with an ounce of speed.


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