there must be a road line on the left and right

You seen the Mercedes TV commercial where the driver takes his hands off the wheel and lets the car do the steering.For it to work, of the E Class so the radar and cameras use the lines and road signs to reference where the car is. For instance, if the road is covered with snow or there are not enough signs, like on the Prairies, it does not work.During the morning portion of the 2017 E Class introduction in Ottawa, we drove out to the Calabogie area to test the system and it worked just fine on Highway 417.Mercedes had suggested we follow the route they laid out, but my driving partner and myself took the most direct routes to the various stops along the way. Here the system was a hit and miss thing with the system working sometimes on and then off.In a different car in the afternoon, it worked perfectly, so I chalking it up to something we did, not the car such as roads without a white line on the right.But the good news was just about everything on the E Class worked splendidly, starting with Air Body Control.

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